8 ways to trigger a Server task remotely

Here is the full list of all possible ways to trigger a task on EasyMorph Server:

Hello @dgudkov,

I have a couple of questions:

The “Reload webhook URL” will no longer be available in v5.3, so the current URLs will stop working when we install the new version of EasyMorph Server? Can you give more information on how these custom API endpoints will work? How will we be sending URL parameters?

What are you referring to with the Server’s REST API?

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Hello Roberto,

No worries, the sunset of the reload webhooks will be gradual. Both features will work simultaneously for some time so that migration can be done without stress.

We will publish a detailed overview in mid-summer, after we release v5.2.1.

What are you referring to with the Server’s REST API?

EasyMorph Server has a REST API that is used by the "ems-cmd" utility and the .NET SDK. We didn't publish a specification for the API yet, however, you can read the source code of the .NET SDK to understand how to work with the API from programming other languages.

Hello @dgudkov,

Now that the custom API Endpoints are approaching, do you know for how long the reload webhooks will work simultaneously with the new API Endpoints? To plan changes I will have to do over multiple processes.


After an internal discussion, we decided to leave the reload webhooks for a long time because they work asynchronously (fire & forget) and the API endpoints work synchronously (request & wait for response). So the reload webhooks will keep working until we make API endpoints work asynchronously too.

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