Preview: Webhooks in EasyMorph 5.0


I am wondering what “webhooks” will be in EasyMorph Desktop 5.0. Is it related in some way to the webhooks in EasyMorph Server, to execute a task remotely via a URL?



We will be introducing integration with cloud applications via webhooks. If a cloud application supports webhooks, it will be possible to configure it to send data securely for processing in EasyMorph projects without exposing EasyMorph Server to the public internet.

This will be arranged using the Webhook Gateway – a public internet service operated by us, i.e. EasyMorph Inc. The gateway will host endpoints for webhooks of cloud applications. The integration will work as follows:

(1) When a certain event such as payment occurs, the cloud application sends a web request (message) with payment details (e.g payer, amount) to a registered webhook endpoint at the Gateway.

(2) The Gateway encrypts and enqueues all incoming messages.

(3) EasyMorph Server polls the Gateway for new messages.

(4) When the queue is not empty, EasyMorph Server pulls the messages from Gateway, decrypts them, and makes them available to processing in EasyMorph projects in a way similar to processing HTTP responses in the “Web request” action. A new action called “Webhook Input”, will receive messages from the Gateway via EasyMorph Server.

The Webhook gateway will allow receiving and processing information such as:

  • Events from automation platforms such as Zapier, Power Automate, or IFTTT
  • Events from Salesforce or other CRM systems (e.g. when a table record is created or updated)
  • Payment notifications from Stripe or other payment systems
  • IoT (Internet-of-Things) events

Gateway features:

  • 99.999% SLA
  • Full asymmetric encryption of data at rest and in motion (even we won’t be able to see your data)
  • Several regions starting with the US and Europe
  • Usage-based pricing
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Have you planned that a local application (“on premise”) using webhooks can call a local EasyMorph without going through internet?

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It is already possible with the so-called “light webhooks”. See here: Trigger EasyMorph tasks via API. Light webhooks allow only GET requests.

Hi Dmitry, very interesting !
Do you plan to deliver an easymorph connector on the Microsoft power platform ? This would be awesome.

Hi Romain,

Yes, if everything goes according to the plan we will be adding an EasyMorph connector (as target) at the Power Automate platform. It will make it possible to send events from Power Automate to EasyMorph installed on-premises.

A similar integration will be added to Zapier.

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Update on the EasyMorph Gateway:

The Gateway development is mostly complete and we’re preparing for beta-testing. So far the Gateway has been successfully tested with webhooks from:

  • GitHub
  • Pipedrive
  • Trello
  • Stripe
  • Discourse (the forum engine for this Community)
  • And a few more cloud services…

Also, it looks like we will be able to provide an official EasyMorph connector in Zapier early on, ideally on the day of release of v5. With Zapier + EasyMorph it will be possible to automatically receive events/data from more than 3000 cloud applications and push it further into local systems, including legacy applications.

Integration with Power Automate is a bit more complicated as it’s less flexible and more cumbersome. We’re still looking at it but it will probably come later.

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The official help page for the Gateway is here: gateway:start [EasyMorph Help]