Webinar: Integration of cloud apps with local DBs and systems via EasyMorph Gateway

In a webinar on June 23 I will be demoing our new product, EasyMorph Gateway, briefly described here: Webhooks in EasyMorph 5.0 - #2 by dgudkov

The demo will show near real-time integration between cloud applications and on-premises systems. It will be demonstrated how to receive cloud events and data in EasyMorph in 3 scenarios:

  1. Google Form submission via Zapier to EasyMorph

  2. Stripe payment via webhook to EasyMorph

  3. HTTP request via webhook to EasyMorph

This will be a preview of EasyMorph Gateway. It’s not ready for production use yet and will be available when version 5.0 is released.

Due to a limited number of seats, registration is required. To register click the link below

>>>Webinar registration page<<<