SFTP connection


I have an error message when I try to upload the private key from a SSH connection:
Can't upload private key :
Coult not load file or asssembly or one of its dependencies.The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference.

I have read all those threads but does not work...


Hi @Toto
Which version of EasyMorph do you use?
Please specify which type of private key you are trying to use (e.g., RSA, EdDSA, etc) and file extension.
Also, please add a screenshot with the error.

Please, send also debug logs to the support email.

Hi @ckononenko,

EasyMorph version is
Here is the error message:

File extension is ppk and private key is RSA.


Seems that something is wrong with your local installation of EasyMorph.
Please try to reinstall 5.4.3 or install the newer version.
In version 5.6, we've updated key algorithms.
Let us know if the problem persists.

ppk, by default, is a putty native file format.
You should convert the file as described here.

Hey @ckononenko,

With the upgrade, it now works fine.


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