De-encrpyt using a Private Key

Hi all - hope i can get some help - I am connecting to a sFTP using an SSH connector and its all working fine - I can connect and download files to my local drive.

the files are encrypted using a PGP key set - I have the private key in an ASC file format - is it possible to un encrypt my files - either using the File TRansfer action OR using power shell or similar.


Welcome to the Community, Bill!

I guess you would need a 3rd party utility, such as Gpg4win.

To run the utility, use the “Run program” action in EasyMorph.

thanks - thats great - do you know of any tips or tutorials on the Run Program action (i find it very confusing…)

It may look confusing but the idea is simple. Specify 3 things:

  1. the path to the executable (.exe) application you need to run
  2. optionally, the folder where your files reside
  3. the command line arguments that the application should be run with

See this tutorial chapter for more information:

Let me know if it’s still confusing.