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Diagnostic information to provide with support requests 💡

Having the information below would help the EasyMorph support team to do faster problem diagnostic:

Diagnostic information

Go to menu “About” and press “Diagnostic information”. It will open a dialog with diagnostic information. Press “Copy” and include the contents of this dialog with your support request.

Debug logs

Zip and send with your support request the contents of this folder:

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\Debug Logs

Windows events

If you experience application crashing or freezing, add the following information as well:

Open the Windows Event Viewer.

In the Event Viewer:

  1. Select Windows Logs / Application
  2. Click “Find…” in the right sidebar
  3. In the “Find” dialog enter EasyMorph
  4. Click “Find next” to find the most recent errors (regular information messages are not needed)
  5. Copy the error text, enclose it with the support request.

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