SFTP - private key authorization issues

I’m trying to configure the SFTP connector (Authentication tab). I get a “can’t upload private key: invalid private key file”


  • Click the “upload” icon to load my private key
  • Locate the file (id_rsa.pub … which is my public key)
  • Attempt to load and get the error message

BTW - I also tried a “converted” version of the public key (id_rsa) which was generated by WinSCP. The error for this file is “can’t upload private key: openssh key type: ssh-rsa is not supported”. The connection works in WinSCP using the id_rsa.pub file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check out this topic: Configure SSH Connector Error

Thank you - I’ll checkout PuttyGen key conversion and see if that solves the problem.