Possible feature discussion: User input

We’re contemplating adding the ability to capture user input in the middle of a workflow, possibly several times. It would be a new action named “User input”. Action properties would allow creating a list of fields and specified their data types. The data types are exactly the same as with parameters, i.e. text or number, date, multiple choice, etc.

When a workflow reaches a “User input” action (there can be multiple such actions per workflow), it displays a dialog for entering field values. This dialog would be basically identical to the dialog for entering parameters, both in EasyMorph Desktop and Server (and Launcher).

When the user enters field values and presses “Continue”, the action result is a 1-row dataset in which column names are field names, and column values are field values entered by the user, and workflow execution continues.

User input will allow designing more interactive workflows with multiple prompts for data, that can depend on previously entered data.

User input will work in workflows executed on Desktop, Launcher, or Server, but not in CLW.

How does that sound to you?


That sounds really great, it enables dynamic parameters based on results of data queries and even advanced calculations. It has also the effect of “splitting” parameters into different screens instead of having a lot of parameters in the same screen. Lastly, you can have parameters depending on other parameters. This feature would make this configuration possible.

A great idea in my opinion.

By the way, for text input, I’d really like to have multi line text box instead of one single line :wink:

Thanks for the feedback!

Note taken :slight_smile:

Great idea! I’ve been wishing for this secretly :slight_smile: please make sure that it’s possible to have a dynamic dialog text based on the workflow.

A few extra wishes while I’m at it :slight_smile:

  • if it’s possible to have users to set parameters while a workflow is running… could we also have a “set parameter” action? So that the same is possible automatically?
  • it would be great if we can present even more information to the user then just a dynamic dialog message. A graph, table or even a file accompanying the ask for input could increase it’s value even more.
  • if you add this type of things into easymorph I also get a vision of a UI- app. That could be the view’s in a MVC structure and the workflows be the Controller / Model and suddenly you would have a no code/ low code application builder. What a thing that would be :slight_smile: :star_struck:
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+1 to emilgotting

I wanted to post almost the same. ActiveX elements with an EasyMorph dialogue would be fantastic and very useful.

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Parameters are immutable by design. If you need a named mutable value, use Shared Memory: See here

We’ll start with simple things and see how it goes. There is a big potential here, but we will advance step by step.


Would love this feature - is there an update?

Yes, it’s still on the long-term roadmap, but postponed until mid-2024 or so. We want to build data editing functionality first as part of the vision explained here: We're building a computing platform

“User input” fits well this vision too, just at a later point in time.

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We often have the case that business users evaluate an output of a data flow and then realise that corrects have to be made due to lack in data quality. They would like to overwrite some data point.
Currently we use excel files to overwrite the bad data.
It would be nice if business could be prompted to add some values if a certain data quality check fails,

What are the scenarios for which the user input would be used ?