💡 Coming soon: Web Tasks

As it was announced in this topic, we're working on a new capability of EasyMorph -- automatization of data and file collection from external people (i.e. people outside of your organization). This feature is called "Web tasks".

What will it do?

Using Web Tasks, your customers, suppliers, or even remote employees will be able to submit right from the web various forms and files for immediate processing with EasyMorph Server tasks. For an external person, it will work as follows:

  1. Log into a portal using a Microsoft or Google account, or just an email address.
  2. From a list of available submissions (we call them web tasks), pick one and start it.
  3. When prompted for, fill out a form and upload the necessary files. Press "Submit".
  4. Track the progress of submission processing online, or log off and get notified by email when it's finished.
  5. Optionally, start another submission.

Meanwhile, the submitted form values and files are encrypted and transferred to your EasyMorph Server, where they are decrypted, checked for malware, and then processed by a workflow.

From a user perspective, it will look like in the sketch below:

How does it work?

From a technical perspective, Web Tasks is a new capability of EasyMorph Gateway, our complementary cloud service for EasyMorph Server. The Gateway will provide a web portal for users, collect and encrypt submitted data, and transfer it to your EasyMorph Server, which, upon receipt, triggers a workflow to process the submission.

From the Server perspective, a Server space can have its own web tasks -- basically a web space with a configurable URL. To manage access to the web space, it will be possible to configure a white list of identities (emails) and select and identity provider (Microsoft, Google, or email).

What's the roadmap?

We actually have big plans for web tasks :slight_smile: Here is a very rough roadmap of how they can evolve.

Capability When
Initial release. Submitting parameters and uploading files before triggering workflows. June
Request from the external user additional parameters and files during workflow execution (using "User input") October
Web tasks can return downloadable files and explorable datasets as a result of web submission (similar to the Catalog) 2025

Somewhere along the way, we might add another one capability that simplifies controllable, governable sharing of files (esp. big ones) and data with external counterparties.

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Hi Dmitry,
this is really interesting!
A fast question, will it be possible to manage who can access, so specifying the email of the users, their account and permissions?
Thank you

Yes, for each web space it will be possible to configure the emails of the users and the authentication method. In the initial release, all users authenticated in a web space will see all the web tasks in that space. Later, we may introduce a more granular permission system.