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Preview: Command Line Worker

In version 5, the ability to run projects from the command-line will be removed from EasyMorph Desktop. Instead, a new utility, Command Line Worker will be intended for running EasyMorph projects from the command line. The utility will be licensed separately, however all existing customers who need to run EasyMorph projects from the command line will receive a license for it for free, so the licensing cost for them will remain unchanged.

The utility will offer a few features that are currently not available:

  • Installation for all Windows users of the machine
  • Per-machine licensing (similarly to Server)
  • Automatic email notifications on failure
  • Automatic webhook notifications on failure with customizable JSON/XML templates
  • The “Fire & Forget” mode - start a project but don’t wait until it finishes
  • Application log

The webhook notifications with JSON templates are an interesting feature because it makes it easy to send notifications directly to MS Teams or Slack.

Overall, Command-Line Worker will provide more robust command-line execution and integration with external applications.

Download link: https://easymorph.com/download/clw/EasyMorphCmd.Setup500.zip

After installation, two executables will be available - the worker itself, and the GUI utility for configuration. Run the configuration utility first to configure license and repository.

As with EasyMorph Server, to get a trial license send the signature to sales@easymorph.com. Make a note it’s for CLW, not for Server.





Could we get that same email on failure per project on server version? Unless I’m missing something, the only thing I’ve seen on this is the parent/ child project solution discussed in other tickets. We just want a simple email to this person if any project fails on EasyMorph Server.

It’s already there! EasyMorph Server can send email notifications on task failure. You can configure it in the “Mail” tab of EasyMorph Server.

I saw that tab but didn’t know it would use that for task failures. Good to know thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure to understand. Basically you are saying it’s no more possible to do “morph.exe …” by command line ? In this case I’m wondering : how to generate PDF reports automatically (or excel reports soon with 5.0) ?

Yes, that’s correct.

The Command Line Worker will be able to generate PDF reports as well. Also, we’re planning to add dedicated actions for generating PDF and Excel reports.

Hi Dmitry,

I hope this is something different than de ems-cmd utility ?
We rely on ems-cmd for starting tasks on EM-server.


Hi Nikolaas,

ems-cmd remains as is, unchanged. The new utility is intended for launching EasyMorph projects from the command line without Server or Desktop.

Added a temporary download link to the opening post.

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