How to use the Command-Line Worker?

Can you explain / give an example of how to use the CLW to run a project?

I tried this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyMorph Command Line Worker\morph-cmd.exe /c “C:\Shift\OneDrive - Shift Connect\Bank files\Tech Stuff\BMO Parser.morph”

An how would I know whether it ran or not?

Hi Hendrik,

Check out this help article: command_line [EasyMorph Help]. Let me know if you still have questions.

Sorry - I know I have a Windows knowledge problem.

  1. Spaces in path names

  2. Windows has to know where morph-cmd.exe file is located.
    I solved that with: C:“Program Files (x86)\EasyMorph Command Line Worker”\morph-cmd.exe

  3. Then morph-cmd.exe has to know where to find the project file. Again with spaces in the path name

I tried variations of

C:“Program Files (x86)\EasyMorph Command Line Worker”\morph-cmd.exe 'C:\Shift\OneDrive - Shift Connect\Bank files\Tech Stuff\BMO Parser.morph’

But get:
EasyMorph Command Line Worker v5.1.2.0
Unknown command line argument: C:"Program

If a file or folder name contains a space, wrap the whole path in the double quotes.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyMorph Command Line Worker\morph-cmd.exe" "C:\Shift\OneDrive - Shift Connect\Bank files\Tech Stuff\BMO Parser.morph"