BUG: command line /param: fails to update calculated parameter before execution

I’m on and I’m afraid a Calculated parameter fails to update when passed as a command line argument like:

morph.exe /c "C:\myproject\1) prep data files transformation.morph"  /param:"Input Filename"="Outstanding 05-06-2022.xls"

Note: an existing parameter that needs no changing is the filepath: “C:\Need to Process”

It appears the closest bug mentioned on the forum (https://community.easymorph.com/t/bug-calculated-parameters-not-changing/1427) must’ve already been fixed?

I’ve already double checked my syntax, eliminated errors by including full path to my .morph file after /c, running morph.exe from correct AppData/Local/EasyMorph folder, enclosed everything in double quotes, etc. The resulting EasyMorph shows an error:

Error: Can't open file. Could not find file 'C:\Need to Process\Outstanding 04-28-2022.xls'.
Could not find file 'C:\Need to Process\Outstanding 04-28-2022.xls'.
Source: action "Import Excel spreadsheet", table "Query -> Outstanding"

It seems to clearly use the pre-existing calculated parameter, not data from the command-line-passed argument & producing the error on the already-processed-and-moved file (i.e. an old file done using the desktop app’s interface) ignoring/failing to calculate the new parameter given via command line argument. I realize I might have luck explicitly passing a calculated parameter or event change out the Calculated param to solve this, but I’m afraid it seems to deteriorate this powerful tool.

Hi Doug,

Starting from version 5.0 the command-line mode is no longer available in EasyMorph Desktop. For command-line execution use our new utility - Command-Line Worker which is specifically designed for that.

If you had an active subscription since a version before 5.0, you can obtain a free license for CLW in addition to your EasyMorph Professional license by sending a request to sales@easymorph.com.

The CLW utility can be downloaded here: All downloads

Sorry for the confusing error messages. We will fix that.

PS. I highly recommend checking out the release notes that come with EasyMorph installers.