BUG: Calculated parameters not changing

When I change a main parameter the calculated parameters is nog changing.
Version 4.0.1 (was working in 3.9)

(OD is changed to OVIJ but the filenames are not changing).

Hello @IGO,

I can’t reproduce it.

Did you press the “Apply” button in the parameters tab after changing the parameter value?

I did. To make clear, the project has a default OD = ODX. It normaly runs a list of OD’s. One of the ODs failed. I opend from the error the project, that OD was working. Needed to change another another one manualy so change the OD.

So it’s not the normal way to open the project.
If I open it normaly it works fine.

@IGO, thank you for the clarification. Now I can reproduce this bug. We will investigate it and get back to you.