Working with old xls files

In this thread it was brought up that exporting binary excel files is not supported though I’m not exporting xls, I’m trying to import them.

I have a process where a client uploads a daily XLS file to an Amazon S3 bucket. I can download that file but now I need to read that file to continue the rest of the workflow. But, when I go to import data from that Excel file it fails for the reason in the post above. Is there a way to have EM use these files or a way to convert them before importing to EM so that I can read the contents?

What extension do your XLS files have?

They’re Excel files with an .xls extension. They are generated by some process the client uses. Here’s a screenshot of the error message. Note: opening the file in Excel results in no errors and there is a worksheet (Sheet1) inside the file and while I don’t understand the fileTime parameter it references, the create date of the file is always the day/time they generate the file.

It’s possible that those files do not wholly conform to the XLS file standard. Excel may allow some deviations from the format, but not the library used internally by EasyMorph to import XLS files.

Is it possible for you to share one of the files with us? If yes - please send them to our support email. It’s possible that we will be able to make some changes to that library so it will be able to import such files.

If not - you can try to use the “Re-save file” command from the “Excel command” action. But it requires Excel to be installed on the same computer. And if you need to run that workflow from EasyMorph Server, most likely, you’ll need to perform some changes to the server configuration.

You’re probably right in the conforming to a standard. I will send one of the files to support to see if you can make any sense of it all for future releases.

BTW, the re-save function in Excel Commands actually did the trick. Not exactly sure why that did the trick but as a workaround this should work. Thanks!