Error: File has wrong format. End of Central Directory record could not be found. End of Central Directory record could not be found. Source: action "Export into Excel file"

The ONLY Action throughout my build that has this problem is the Export to Excel, despite using an Import Excel Spreadsheet action.

  • I’m importing from and exporting to the exact same excel file; nothing’s added or deleted: I’m just collating the data.
  • Sheet name is 19 characters long (well under the 31 limit)
  • I’ve never been forced to explicitly convert my key column to a number type, nor dates out of text type, yet converting my key to number type didn’t help.
  • Searching for this error brought up a linux forum mentioning many users appreciating the suggestion to build their program using a 64-bit library as the 32-bit library caused this exact error.
  • I’m afraid nearly all data in a column have multiple backslashes throughout, like
(INC-01/24/2022) /#NOPRD/#:NOTES:U,LAK,REO,1ST*D


APS-APS DUE TO STATUS (INC-03/21/2022) /=118/=:NOTES: /O $*,

What are the chances the prevalent backslashes might be the only culprit causing a problem here?

Hello Doug,

It seems that you are trying to export to a file that is not an actual XLSX or XLSM file.
Binary Excel files (both old XLS and new XLSB) are not supported by the Export to Excel action.

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