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Working with easymorph server

Could anyone explain me how to work with EasyMorph server ?
If you develop data flows on a local machine in EasyMorph desktop and you want to run this on the server wich is installed on another machine, will it run automatically or do you need an exact copy of the ETL-flow ?

If you have multiple users, won’t you run into problems with incompatible folder structures between local machines and the server ?

Is it better to just have a windows server with EasyMorph desktop and EasyMorph server installed and then with multiple users work on that machine to avoid conflicts in folder structures?

It is generally recommended to have the same folder structure for data files on developer desktops and the Server. In this case, all file locations can be calculated from a parameter pointing to a root folder. When a project is published to Server, task parameters reassign the parameter with a root folder on the Server.

While it is possible to do development remotely on the Server using EasyMorph Desktop installed on the Server, it’s not necessary and can be inconvenient. You can design projects on local machines, then publish projects on the Server. When data folder structures are identical, and file locations are calculated from a root folder, publishing and updating projects is simple and requires minimal effort.

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I have one additional question:
Can I publish to the EasyMorph Server only via EasyMorph Desktop professional or is EasyMorph Desktop free sufficient? (The actions and loops restriction for the Desktop free aside).


Publishing is just uploading files to the Server. You can publish to EasyMorph Server using the free edition of EasyMorph Desktop as well, or just by dragging and dropping files to Servers’s file manager (tab Files).

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