Wont import file as XLS but will XLSX

Hi Guys

Brand new here and giving this product a good try.

So simple issue: if I try import an excel file in XLS format, it does not import - however, when I change the file format to XLSX, it does import. I am using the basic “Import Excel Spreadsheet”. The error says:

“Can’t open file or file has wrong format. File has wrong format. Array dimensions exceeded supported range. Worksheet name cannot be changed”

I can’t change the file format as the file feeds into other processes, etc.


Hi Robert and welcome to the Community,

EasyMorph does support XLS files created in Excel, although sometimes 3rd applications generate XLS files programmatically using various libraries which don’t follow the format specifications.

If loading this file is a one-time need you can try to open and re-save this file in Excel as XLS (it would fix format inconsistencies) or XLSX. If you need to work with such files regularly, send the file to us at support@easymorph.com for investigation.

I am facing a similar issue. except i cant even import as an XSLX format. how can i check in my xls sheet if it meets the format requirement or what i need to adjust before importing in easy morhp

Does it work if you open the file in Excel, re-save it as XLSX and then import it in EasyMorph?