When splitting a table, keep the original name for the original table


When splitting a table (using the “Split” command), the name of the table is sent to the “new” splitted table. In general, when I split a table most of the actions stay in the original table, so it’s a bit frustrating that the name gets sent to the new table. I know, this depends “where” you split it, but at least for me it would be nice if the first table kept it’s original name, and the new table is “Table 1”.

Here’s an example of what’s happening after splitting:



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When I name a table I use a name that shows the type of data produced.
When I split, I want to produce another type of data.
In this direction renaming works well.

I don’t think that one of the 2 solutions is better than the other.

The rationale behind keeping the old name is the result of the table’s last action is some data entity after which the table is typically named, e.g. “Products”. When a table is split, the last action ends up in the new table. Therefore, the new table keeps the name of the original table because now the new table produces the data entity.

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