Splitting a table vs. file

i saw some discussion on another thread regarding ability to spit a table. However all i find on split refers to delimited or fixed width files. I want to split a table by chunks like i do with files. Am i missing the split command for tables?

Hi Cris,

Are you talking about database tables or some other tables?

splitting a table inside of Easymorph. Just like the example under the post - When splitting a table, keep the original name for the original table

Actions in EasyMorph don’t change the workflow design, they transform data. An action can’t produce 10 derived tables in a workflow.

I have a feeling that I’m missing something. What caused the original question?

i am processing a very large load of data and I am breaking up into “Sweetspots” that don’t overload the system and i have 50000 in a table and want to break that up into 10 individual tables like you can do with a split of a csv file. Trying to create 10 individual batches of records to select for processing. There is probably a more elegant way of handling this. Thanks Dmitry!!!

In EasyMorph all data resides in memory. Therefore splitting in in-memory into 10 derived in-memory tables that also reside in memory is not the right way of doing things. If you need to process a large amount of data that doesn't fit in memory, you need to partition it and process by partitions, one partition at a time, using iterations.

EasyMorph provides means for processing data by partitions for files and database tables.

Where is this data coming from - a file or a database?