V5.5 Bugs - Export into Excel

Hi there,
I upgrade my EM from version 5.4.3 to 5.5 last Friday 11-Aug 2023.
Today 14-Aug-2023 I have problems in at least two projects with errors in step Export into Excel.
The action is to create a new sheet in existing file, yet EM deleted existing file and failed to find it, then error comes.
See attached snapshot.

Then I uninstall version 5.5 and reinstall version 5.4.3, it still have the same problem.
Do you have any idea?

Sounds like the file isn’t there to add a new sheet to. You can try to list files to make sure it exists before the Export step.

This was a very old project, there was no problem before the up version to 5.5.

Hi @Cambridge,

Can you please elaborate on your workflow?

Who or what created the said file?
Why do you think that EasyMorph deletes it?
Were you able to track down the action that deletes the file?

Also, please, collect debug logs as described here and send them to our support email.

Hi Andrew,

Today this issue disappeared. I will follow the debug logs if it happen again.
Have a nice day.