Update database table data type error

Hello, I’ve just for the first time tried exporting data to SQL (Azure) but getting an error I cant figure out

To me datatypes seem good, but maybe there is something I dont understand when it comes to number/integer/float, or even “,” vs “.”?

In the action settings where you specify what fields should match, fields with non-integer values are not permitted.

The reason is that in EasyMorph the Number data type is 128-bit decimal, not integer. Matching non-integer decimals with floats or decimals with another bit length can potentially be incorrect due to rounding errors and therefore is not permitted. Typically, you should only do matching by primary or foreign key fields (that are text, integer, or GUID) and don’t use non-integer values such as price or amount for matching.

I would suggest removing columns that cause such errors from the list of matching fields. It appears from your screenshot that these fields are not necessary for matching and you can unambiguously match rows in EasyMorph and in the database by other fields such as product number, order number, or customer ID or their combination.

Thank you, I misunderstood the whole command, what I was trying to do was to export data to SQL (first time export) and I now understand I used the wrong action. “Export to database” is a better choice, but now I also learned about update so that will surely come in handy at a later time :slight_smile:

Another related question, what is the best way to deal with adding new records to the SQL from EasyMorph? Now I add all records, but in a couple of days I only want to add records that have not been transferred yet.
Shall add that the source is multiple Excel files.

This is called incremental load. See this answer with an example: Incremental extract ODBC - #5 by dgudkov