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Teasing about version 5.0 : cross tables and excel generator

Hi team !

I’m so excited to see how it works, don’t hesitate to tease if you have something to show ^^

I’ll post a preview of cross-tables in a week :slight_smile: The Excel report generator is not ready yet.

Here is a preview of cross-tables. Features:

  • Derived similarly to tables and charts
  • Multiple dimension columns (shown all at once)
  • Single dimension row at a time (can be selected from many)
  • Single aggregation metric at a time (can be selected from many)
  • Column with totals
  • Row with totals
  • Sorting for row dimensions and for column dimensions
  • Background color gradient (not shown in the screenshot below because it’s not ready yet)

Cross-tables and charts will also be available in the Analysis View (see below). Analysis View becomes a pretty good data analysis tool, and will be available in new places, e.g. in Launcher (but not in 5.0, in later versions) as part of our big strategy of building a last-mile data delivery platform.



Multiple dimension in row I think you mean, and one column only. Generally speaking its how I imagine it so it seems fine to me.

The limitation of one single metric is not a good news because our users usually display multiple, like amount N1 vs amount N, common comparison use case. Hope it can be done later then, or improved before release.


Cross-tables allow specifying a color gradient for the cell background. This makes it possible to use them as heat maps.


The Excel report generator will allow setting a color gradient for column backgrounds in a similar fashion.

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Sounds (and looks) great. Can’t wait to get it.


In the aggregate function, could we have concatenate distinct.



I think you already have it ?


I have this option in version at least.

not in the derived charts, or I missed something

Right you are, I will propose this as new feature if you dont mind, so it can be more “visible”

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