Another idea :wink: We have some projects that that are almost completely generic.
But in some tables, however, you still have to intervene.
It would be really great if you could color the the headers. e.B. Red Header would be all tables where you have to intervene.

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It looks similar to Enable choice of table header color

We had an internal discussion about these feature requests. It seems it can be generalized into some kind of bookmarking applied to tables, actions, and, possibly, columns. A bookmark may optionally have a note that is removed when the bookmark is removed.

Such bookmarks would cover the use case you are describing but also enable other use cases where tracking, reviewing, approving of tables and actions is required.

Yes, it is the same requirement like Enable choice of table header color

Notes would be possible, of course, but it’s about the visual effect of who you open a project.
With notes I would have to look at the documentation first … With defined colors, this would be much more elegant to handle