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Enable choice of table header color


On my diagrams i often need to add visual clue of the meaning of my tab like :

  • for export
  • clean
  • Temporary/optionnal

Is it possible to add the option to choose color of the tab ? or add some icon on it ?


Is it tab or table header? In the post title it’s “table” but in the text it’s “tab”.

I made an ideal color usage here :slight_smile: it’s easier than text explaination.


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Same for us here.
It would help a lot to use different colors for tables, which are

  • for temporary test purposes
  • to distinguish between transformation and export

Even better would be the possibility to use differenrt colours on actions, too.
For example: I often add a filter action to reduce the amount of records of an imported file for testing reason. It would make it much easier to colorize the actions, which have to be deleted (or deactivated) after completing the test.


This would be great.

Each color could be associated to a user defined tag. i.e : red = checking, yellow = from accounting…
in the Diagram we coul have a tab after Dependencies where the tables would be gathered by color/tag


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