Tableau connector - Get state failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Hey community!

Setup of connector to Tableau Server on-prem works fine:

I can open the connector configuration afterward, and it works until I want to make use of the connector in a workflow or in the Data Catalog.


Tested in the new version 5.7.3
Worked in 5.7.1 at least for workflows, sending data to Tableau

Removed the specific connector and recreated - issue still persists

Any ideas?

Thanks for reporting the problem. Looking into it.

Have you updated EasyMorph Server also to v.5.7.3 or just the Desktop?

Hello Daniel,

Please send your debug logs (as described here: Diagnostic information to provide with support requests 💡) to

Server is also updated. Will send the logs

The bug was fixed. The updated Desktop and Server versions can be downloaded from the EasyMorph website.