SYBASE ODBC Runtime Error Crash


I’m connecting to a SYBASE v10.10 via ODBC. I configured ODBC as 64bit. These are the connection settings set


I added ODBC - SQL:2003 Connector to my project and confirmed successful connection


I select the appropriate Schema from the available list and then select the table (SALESTKT)

Upon my table selection an error is displayed on the Data Preview Page, Changing over to “Custom SQL” Crashes EasyMorph.

I tried also changing the SQL dialect to Other SQL. I type in my SELECT Query. The minute the query executes, EasyMorph Crashes.

This is my SQL SELECT Query

SELECT * FROM “C:\Program Files (x86)\Astec Industries\WM2000\Data\WM2000DATA.ADD”.“SALESTKT”

This one of the errors I been able to pull, the other is in the screenshots

3/24/2021 1:52:18 PM Error ERROR [HY000] [iAnywhere Solutions][Advantage SQL][ASA] Error 7200: AQE Error: State = 42000; NativeError = 2115;
[iAnywhere Solutions][Advantage SQL Engine]Expected lexical element not found: FROM You are missing the keyword FROM after the column definitions in your SELECT statement.
– Location of error in the SQL statement is: 33

For Sybase ASE use the “Other SQL” dialect and write custom SQL queries. Sybase ASE is not supported by the visual query builder.

When a custom SQL statement is executed, EasyMorph simply passes the statement to the ODBC driver as is. If it crashes, it probably because of the ODBC driver. Just in case, can you please send the diagnostic information (including Windows events) described here: Diagnostic information to provide with support requests 💡 to

Also, can you please try to execute the same SQL query using the same ODBC driver in another query tool on the same machine?