Suggested action: Set Excel Properties

I know that easy morph was not designed as a reporting tool but when an Excel export file is created, the sheet format is very sparse. It would be very helpful to be able to set up some properties on the heading, footing, column, row, margins, etc. So an action SET EXCEL PROPERTIES to set up a file for printing would be helpful. The action EXCEL COMMAND, can be expanded to include SET HEADING, SET FOOTER, SET MARGINS, SET ORINENTATION, SET PAPER SIZE, SET FILL COLOR, SET TEXT COLOR, ADD/REMOVE PAGE BREAK, SET PAGE SCALING (Adjust to, fit to), SET SHEET GRIDLINES, SET ROW HEIGHT, SET COLUMN WIDTH and SET WRAP TEXT. Thank you.

Hi @easymorph1 ,

Thank you for the suggestion.

Check out this article: PDF reporting process with EasyMorph. It’s for PDF reporting, but it also works for Excel reporting as well. Would it work for you?