SSH fetch of CSV file (or excel)

I don’t need much hand-holding, but can someone point me to the correct connector, and settings for how to fetch fetch a CSV file via HTTPS (or excel)

We have the URL:

and what we need is on the GET command to provide a cookie

I ask for the help since I just started investigating this tool, and we have only a few days to prove it works, before the government fiscal year closes to buy this… I have to quickly show results.

Hi @DoctorYSG and welcome to the Community!

The current version of EasyMorph doesn’t support sending cookies with HTTP requests.

The next version (4.0) will have the “Web request” action which will be able to execute an HTTP request with arbitrary headers. Unfortunately, it will not support setting Cookies header directly. But it will correctly handle and pass cookies from all the previous “Web request” actions in the same project.

You can try to fetch a remote file with a cookie manually set cookie with the “PowerShell” action and a corresponding PowerShell script.

4.0 is listed as coming out on the roadmap in September. Any idea what the current ETA is? Is there access to the Alpha/Beta version?

But yes, we found out today, we can get direct DB2 ODBC connections for the cookie protected data.

But we are going to want to do REST requests, and it would be nice if we could even do ODATA requests (see: ) so we can talk to our EPICOR ERP system.

The current ETA is mid-October.

Yes, it's in a closed category for beta-testers but I've granted you the permission so you should be able to access it.

You may want to check out this topic : Web Request Action

We tested the "Web Request" action with ODATA sources and it worked without problems. Let us know (in the Beta lounge) if you ran into any issues with ODATA.

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