Using OData with Microsoft applications

Hi @dgudkov -
I was looking into using odata as well, since Microsoft seems to like it best. However I am hung up on the authentication.

In my example we use Microsoft Dynamics AX 365 for our ERP. I authenticate using my Msft Account. After I’m logged in, then I can pass the odata requests in my browser URL.

Question: How would I execute that access using web requests function in EasyMorph?

Note for reference: Based on my findings, it seems that sharepoint has a similar concept and I know that the sharepoint connector works. In my scenario above its almost the same idea.

Example - if I’m signed in

Same path if I just open up a new browser and not signed in


How do you log in to your Microsoft account? Is it OAuth or just login/password?

Login / Password

I am also using a Microsoft-centric ERP (a competitor with Dynamics) called EPICOR. They have two ways of logging in. Domain password (which looks like what are doing) and BasicAuth. The BasicAuth can be provided in the header of the WebRequest. So our ODATA request did not have an issue.

I’m currently reviewing that as an option. Thank you for the feedback!

It looks like this would require OAuth-type of authorization mechanism that is not supported by the Web Location connector yet. It's on our product roadmap, but it's quite complicated from a technical standpoint and will take us some time to implement.

The SharePoint connector works because we're using the SharePoint API to connect and it supports both login/password authentication (which we support) and OAuth (which we don't support yet). General-purpose Microsoft account authorization works only with OAuth.

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hello - I’ve got a different API then sharepoint - but it appears to use OAuth authentication (cornerstone on demand reporting api) my reading of this says I can’t call it from easymorph? (yet)

Hello Bill,

Yes, OAuth authentication is not yet implemented, but it’s on our roadmap.

OAuth2 is now supported in v4.4.

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