SQL logic error or missing database

I can’t edit my connection repistory. Even if I make a new one (which I don’t want) I get "---------------------------

Can’t add connector:

SQL logic error or missing database

near “ON”: syntax error



I’m on the newest easymorph version.
How can i fix this?

Kind regards,
Tjiko Schutte

Hi Tjiko,

Can you please post a screenshot of the error?


@IGO Such errors usually suggest that data connector database was corrupted. This could be caused by unfortunate coincidence of faulted hdd drivers and power outage, or by single repository file used over the network share, or in some cases you could’ve selected a wrong sqlite database file insetad of EasyMorph ‘repo.sqlite’. Please, take a look at your Connector Manager and where ‘file repository’ points to. It should look similar:

If everything looks ok, you could send your file repository to support@easymorph.com and we will take a look if anything can be restored

Hi @olysak ,
Looks like easymorph corrupts the file.
When I get a backup from 1 month old and replace the repo and I start easymorph it makes a backup and make the file bigger. Again I get the same error.

When I install a older version of easymorph I don’t get the error.

When I create a new repo i get the same problem.

Please, tell - what are the working and faulty versions?

PS the backup file is created during v4 to v5 migration. If you restore repository from v4 version this migration is re-executed (and backup file is re-created), so this is an expected behavior

The last working easymorph on my machine was 4.7.2.
Now I’m on (and this version is not working).

Wild guess, but… v5 introduced some use of extended sqlite syntax for DataConnector database management. From the error text it looks like your SQLite version is older than one that’s expected to be shipped with Easymorph and one that doesn’t support this syntax.

It could happen if an earlier version of System.Data.Sqlite.* (specifically, it’s sqlite pre-3.24.0, that corresponds to version of System.Data.Sqlite) is installed in your GAC (with version redirect policy, perhaps).

Could you maybe try a clean install (on another PC or Windows Sandbox / Virtual machine) to see if problem persists?

Not sure how this would fix my problem. Because then I still can’t use it on the system where I should use it. Would a full deinstall and a delete of the programdata solve this problem?

You can try reinstall clean, but if the cause is some machine-level redirect, this would not help. If the error is caused by some dlls not being updated, removing application directory (%LOCALAPPDATA%\EasyMorph) manually can help, but mind that database file repo.sqlite with all your data connectors is located in this directory too, so consider backing up files before manual removal.

Hi, I uninstalled easymorph en delete the easymorph directory in my profile. After that I reinstalled easymorph. Now I can edit the repo again! Thx.

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