SFTP File Transfer Error

Hi folks,

I've encountered a new issue with EasyMorph Server version and Desktop version with the File Transfer action when uploading files to SFTP. I suspect this might be a bug as it did not occur prior to our upgrade to v5.7 so I wanted to flag it with you to check.

One of two types of errors seem to occur:

  1. Temporary file error:
Error: Unable to upload file into a temporary file /Source2/~9a81543c-b71a-4e60-a65f-aec6a0ac4446.em.temp
Operation has timed out.
Source: action "File transfer", module "Main", table "man_ir to FTP"
  1. Upload cleanup failed
Error: Upload cleanup failed
Operation has timed out.
Source: action "File transfer", module "Main", table "deriv_hcp to FTP"

As mentioned above, these issues did not occur when we were still using Server/Desktop v5.4 last week. It has only just started with the new v5.7 deployment.

I noticed a ticket raised ~6 years ago where a similar problem was outlined.

A few more points/observations:

  • The errors occur approx. 1 minute after running the project.

  • No errors occur when I manually upload the same files to the same directory through the WinSCP application. This has been done on the same credentials used in the connector.

  • I've tested it both with and without the "Don't use temporary files" box ticked and errors still occur.

  • The connector is not configured to use a proxy server.

  • Broadband connection is being used. The issues occur on both Desktop and Server no matter the user.

  • The SFTP that the files are being uploaded to does accept .temp files. In fact, when run through Server/Desktop v5.7, it seems to leave behind temporary files:

The final remark I'd make is that, so far from my own tests, the issue occurs particularly where multiple File Transfer actions run simultaneously. Might they be interfering with each other? It wasn't an issue when we were on v5.4.


I've tested it with an iterate action whereby a list of files are uploaded to SFTP one-by-one and they seem to run without issue. It's when multiple, simultaneous connections are made to the same SFTP that issues seem to arise.

I'll follow up with an email to your Support inbox with the debug diagnostic log from my tests on Desktop v5.7.3.5. Though, to be clear, the issues occur on Server as well.

If there's any further information I can provide, please let me know.


Hello David,

Thank you for the detailed bug report. We will look into this issue.

Meanwhile, as a workaround, you can try to add the "Synchronize" action to prevent the "File transfer" actions from running in parallel.