Server Connector from Desktop Client

Could you please explain how I’m supposed to use a connector, from my Desktop, that I’ve saved to a space on my EM server?

The server documentation is vague:

Note that when a Desktop user uses a Server-hosted connector, the connection is established from the user’s computer, not from the Server

It’s hard to know what that exactly means without any examples.

For example, I have set up access to a database hosted in the cloud. I’ve configured both my desktop and my server to have access to that database; I know they can access it through other tools.

But once I copy my a local connector into a space on my server, how am I supposed to use it on the Desktop? When I test the connection in my Server Connector on my Desktop it fails.
I had to adjust the port, but shouldn’t the IP address just be the loopback address, whether it’s on my Desktop or the server?

I was able to connect, but only after adjusting the parameters to the cloud_sql_proxy (A google cloud tool for securely connecting to Google Cloud SQL databases.)

Access to the EasyMorph server is restricted by using VPN, in case anyone is wondering.

I had also updated firewall settings for my cloud service, server and desktop before changing the ip and port parameters for the proxy. (By default it uses the loopback address)

It looks like you have figured out the problem, but for those who might be reading this topic, I’ll add a few instructions:

To use a Server repository on the Desktop:

Remember that when you use a connector from a Server-hosted repository on your Desktop, the connection to the remote system (such as a database) is done directly from your Desktop, not from the Server. This means there should be network connectivity between your Desktop and the remote system (it may require adding rules to the firewall in your operating system to permit that connectivity).

Each connector stored in a repository is just a bunch of connection settings. Only when a workflow is running, it obtains the necessary connection settings from the respective connector and establishes the actual connection. Such connection is established form the machine where the workflow is executed.