Send email with number of rows of file created


I created a report in Easymorph and send it to a network location on our server. I wanted to send an email notifying the requester that the report has completed and give the file path and file name. I did that with parameters. I also wanted to include the number of rows in the report. What is the easiest solution to assign the number of rows to a parameter that I can include in the email? Any best practices?

You can use the “Table metadata” action to obtain the number of rows in a table. Then use the “Call” action to call another module and assign its parameter with the number of rows using the “First column value” mode.

Thank you for your response. I am a little confused. But after playing around with it, I got it working, so I created a module and that is where I sent my email, I was confused as to what to put in the module, but after thinking about it, it made sense that I was assigning the parameter from the module to First Column in the module call. Then in my send email action I just referenced the paramters I wanted and it worked. Pretty cool, thank you…!

I was able to get my total rows to work. Here’s a simple quesion, I’m struggling with. How do I format the parameter I and setting = to Total Rows to look like: ###,###,##0

Alas, no easy solution for that. It’s a known issue.

Can you use this same approach with multiple tabs? Ex. I create a spreadsheet and want to capture number of rows for each tab and send out in email once model completes?

Yes, you can get the number of rows for each tab and append all the row counts in one table using the “Append table” action.