Announcement: Using first column value in action properties

Another big innovation in version 5.0 is the ability to specify action properties, such as the path of a source file, using the first value of a column. It’s very similar to using a parameter, but instead of selecting a parameter from a list, you select a column. When a column is selected, the 1st (top) value in this column is used for the respective action setting.

This new feature addresses a long-time problem that became especially apparent when EasyMorph started being used more and more for automation rather than pure ETL – the lack of means to use column values as action properties. In the versions before v5, the only (and very non-obvious) way to do that was as follows:

  1. Put a part of the workflow in a module with a parameter
  2. Use the parameter to parameterize actions in the module
  3. Call the module using the “Iterate” action because only this action allowed assigning column values to a parameter.

Starting from v5 this workaround is no longer necessary. Instead, many actions now accept a first column value for an action setting. For instance, in the screenshot below, the “Zip file” command takes the target file path from the 1st value in column “File name with full path”.

Notably, the “Call” action also supports first column values.


Thanks !!!

The old way was indeed frustrating at times…

I’m actually having an issue with this feature (which by the way is a great new feature).
When using the first value of a column as a value in the web request action I’m getting an error saying that the column cannot be found.
Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Emil and welcome to the Community!

Please update EasyMorph to the most recent version. Let me know if the problem still remains.


I’m already running the lastest version

The latest one seems By the way @dgudkov it would be good to know which issues are fixed for each of these minor patches. For example on my side I packaged for my company version and I’m still wondering what I have missed …

I’m afraid you will be drowning in a stream of tens and hundreds of mostly trivial things like:

  • Button label in menu Start is 2px off
  • The Apply/Revert pop-up is not showing when a table is copied in the Analysis View and it has a category sorted by a series in descending order
  • Icon color is fixed for the Import from SharePoint List action
  • No scroll button appears if the main application window is reduced to the minimum and a bar chart with 1 category and 2 series is maximized
  • Duplicating error messages in the Run Program dialog if a project created in version x.y.z is executed in version x.y.w
  • etc.

Besides that it would put an extra effort on us to report all that trivial stuff because it can’t be taken directly from our Trello boards, someone should sit and write user-friendly descriptions in English. All in all, that would be lots of hassle and little value. That’s why we don’t do it.

Problem still exist in

Problem confirmed. We’re working on a fix.


The problem has been fixed. Get an updated version from our website: Download

Fantastic! Works like a charm!
Thanks for the fast fix!