Search function in task log EM-server


In earlier days of EM-server, it was possible to clear the log so that we could monitor a job from a clean slate.
This function has been removed at some point.

It would be nice if we could search the log to filter it. Search on keywords in the text message of the log or by searching on a specific run date/time so that we only get the log info of that particular run.

Could this be added in a future version?

Thanks !

How about we add a button to download the log?

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Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for your response but shouldn’t it be more convenient if we could search directly in the application ?

If we first need to download the log, we should process it further in another tool?

A simple search bar in which we could search to narrow down the log output as we type the search string would be a very useful feature for me personally.
If we could also add a condition like the run date, that would be nice.

Other question: is there also a roadmap defined for EM-server somewhere ?

Thanks !

We want to keep things simple but not simpler than necessary. Besides filtering there can be other uses of log information - automated monitoring, audit, or something else. Adding all of it as native functionality might overcomplicate the UI. So I’m proposing a middle-ground solution that is not narrowly aimed at solving one particular problem.

Besides adding a button for downloading logs, we can add a similar command to the “EasyMorph Server command” action. With that you will be able to automate a whole lot of things around task logs.

The short-term roadmap published on our website also contains upcoming Server features.

Hi Dmitry,

Is there an online free tool in which we could drop the log file once we have downloaded it so that we can search it ?

Thanks !

Can’t think of any online tool. I use Notepad++ (an offline desktop app) and am quite happy with it.

Ok thanks I shall google it :slight_smile: