How to search a text file (e.g. task log) and see result in Server Pages

Just for the fun of it, I’ve created a project that filters the log file of a specified task and generates an HTML page that can be viewed in space Pages.

Here is the project:
grep task log.morph (10.1 KB)

See this topic on how to enable and configure pages (Step 1 and Step 2): How to set up free RAM monitoring using Pages

Set up a task (make sure to tick “Prompt parameters on task start”). The logs folder can be copied from the Server settings. The Pages folder can be copied from the space settings.

When you run the task, here is what you should see:

The ID if the task which log should be filtered can be seen in the URL of task properties:

Run the project, and go to Pages to see the output.

Here is an example of search result: