Preview: External dependencies in Diagram

We’re working on showing external dependencies in the module diagram. Here is what it will look like:


External dependencies will include everything you can see in the sidebar “Dependencies” now:

  • Connectors
  • Files and folders
  • Programs
  • Modules and projects (shown blue) with an indication of iteration and result table returned, when applicable

All inbound dependencies are shown above the group they relate to. All outbound and triggering dependencies are shown below the group. Hovering a dependency with the cursor will open a visual tooltip with more details (such as annotations) on the dependency and the action that uses it.

It will be possible to hide the external dependencies.

With this addition, it will be possible to see all external dependencies and inbound/outbound data flows of a module in one diagram.

How does it look to you? Any comments, feedback, or suggestions are welcome.

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Looks great ! Good idea to hide/unhide the external dependencies on demand.