Purpose of thumbnail editor?

What’s the purpose of the thumbnail editor ?

Thumbnails is an experimental feature intended to provide (on the Start screen) a visual clue about EasyMorph projects without opening them.

Project thumbnails are not generated automatically. They have to be created manually, using the Thumbnail Editor.

Honestly, I cannot immediately see the value of the feature but maybe I am wrong…

A zoom in/zoom out and autoarrange feature for ETL-flows would be more interesting for me. Also more connectors to all sorts of cloud platforms and their services seems very important for being future proof.

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I am absolutely with you. Zoom in /Zoom out and Autor-Arrange would be a huge step forward in terms of usability.

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Visual high-level project overview (zoom) is planned for ver.4.2, after we implement aggregation in queries in v4.1.

Sorry about this necroposting, are the zoom in/out and autoarrange (or lock to grid) features still in roadmap?

Auto-arrange is not available. “Zooming out” is implemented as the Diagram view that shows a high-level overview of a workflow including external and internal dependencies. See it here: Preview: External dependencies in Diagram