Power BI: Refresh Failure - Failed with No Message

Hi All -
I was testing a this as a concept and you can see if failed but no error message returning in EM

Error Message Copy:
Source: action "Power BI command", table "Process Flow"

You can see that my first few attempts did work okay

Hi Adam,

We will take a look at it.

Hi @adambeltz

Is the error temporary, meaning it disappears when the action is re-run, or is it persistent? If it is persistent, is there anything specific about the datasets that fail to refresh?

Additionally, could you confirm if refresh commands for other datasets are functioning properly?

It would be helpful if you could provide the diagnostic information to our support email as described here.

Its persistent after 6 refreshes. I believe there must be a limit in Power BI (Pro) that limits via API 6 times. Similar to how you can only schedule refreshes 8 times in a 24 hour period

This was simply a test I put together on how I could get around the 8 refreshes per day without physically logging in and executing it.

Next I'll do this in Power Platform to see if we get any error returning.