Post it into groups


Sometimes I need to write down a few notes into groups about pending tasks, reminder, notable points or important comments…
something like a kind of post-it would be usefull.


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+1 on this one ! need this to.

someone found a solution to this?
Sometimes I have to manually run my scheduled projects, in this case I have to disable some actions and enable others.
It would be very useful to have this kind of “post-it” on the projects.

Thank you

What would be good is to be able to choose an individual background color for each action.
This will allow you to easily see actions to activate / deactivate during debug / test.

Coloring actions and tables also mentioned here:

Probably it would be a good idea also provide the ability to link actions and tables to such post-it notes.

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Yes, like the comments in Excel that are linked to a cell.
But a post-it may need to be linked to several actions or tables.
It will introduce “meta linking” of actions (so far only the last action of a table can be linked to another action)
And then I’m afraid users like me will use it to activate/deactivate several actions (a kind of super synchronize action) : if it’s blue then deactivate linked actions. if it’s red then skip actions on conditions on all the linked tables, if it’s pink then raise an alert, if it’s yellow then update a parameter…
this may collapse the performance of a whole project and it will open the pandora box of “a workflow to monitor the workflow”…


actually this is not my need, I thought to something simplier, like a window visible when I open my project where I can write "Remember to do this, when you need to do this other..."
I also think this could be useful for many other activities. I know that, for activated/deactivated actions, I can create a copy of my scheduled project where I have the right actions activated and that I can manually run.