Pass file path to module

Good Morning!

I would like to capture all project metadata into a single location, file/database table in a re-useable module that is parameter driven by the project file name. I have set the parameter in the Main portion of the project and a corresponding parameter in the module, but keep getting an error for Invalid value for file name. I have used the File Name parameter, the File Path parameter, the two concatenated together and lastly a Text parameter with the full path enclosed in quotes. It does not work and I get the same invalid file name error. Any suggestions? The idea is that user can create the parameter in a project and then call the module to automatically output the metadata for reporting and transparency.

Hello Casey,

Provide a default value to the “Metadata” parameter. Currently, it’s empty and that’s why the action returns the error when you run the module manually.


When you call/iterate this module from another module, you will be able to replace the default parameter value with another in the calling action’s properties.

Thanks for the quick reply. The Project metadata action does not contain the same detailed information that the Generate documentation feature contains. Is there a way to programmatically output that documentation and then use File Command actions to move it to a location for final documentation? That information is outstanding by the way and we want to ensure that every project has its current documentation so that the next developer/user can easily read and understand what the project does.

There is a way, although it's not very elegant. Use the "Run program" action to run EasyMorph Desktop in the command line mode with the /document command, for instance:

 morph.exe /document myproject.morph

It will generate HTML document myproject.html next to the project. See more command-line options here: command_line [EasyMorph Help].

Perhaps, we need to make a dedicated action for generating documentation.