Notice of problematic data

Hey Dmitry,

It will be great if EasyMorph has a feature to throw a warning message when there is problematic data (red font error generated by problematic transformation). I understand that ‘Halt on condition’ function can do this, however, that means you have to have expectation on which column may cause the error. In most of my cases, because the source file changes without notice, and EM ran without any error message, I don’t have expectation on any red fonts. It will take me long time to figure out those red font issues. If EM can do a general warning message saying which column has red font data, that will help better coding and debugging and designing.


Hi Eiffel,

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, there was a similar request: Highlighting errors

Maybe we need to add an option to automatically halt on any error (red) value in any transformation. Something for us to think about.