Highlighting errors

When a transformation creates an error in a field (eg a divide by 0) then EasyMorph shows the error well in the effected cell (red error message).

However it would be good if this notification could be visible at column, table and project level - eg some sort of warning / status saying that there is data in error at that level and then guiding the user down to where the error is.

At the moment I need to review all columns with formulae based transformations to make sure that the formulae does not return errors (due to data conditions it refers to)

That’s a great suggestion! It should be very helpful because now it’s not immediately obvious that some columns in current dataset have error values, indeed.


BTW, while this hasn’t been implemented yet here is how you can quickly check multiple columns for errors:

Ctrl + click to select one or more columns, then choose Keep -> Errors from the “hamburger” menu.

Thanks Dmitry. The work around you suggested works perfectly. Easy to use this to derive 2 tables - ‘good’ and ‘bad’ records.

Deriving two tables with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ records is a good technique for monitoring data quality. One more tip – now you can add a Halt transformation to the table with ‘bad’ records and make it halt project execution when the table is not empty. This will guarantee that you will never miss an error, even when this table is on another tab, or this project is called/iterated from another project.

EDIT: added screenshot

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