New Easymorph Server command

“List failed tasks” => would return the tasks failed so that they can be rerun or that another job can do something special about them

That’s an interesting idea. In version 5 it will be possible to access the server journal (since it’s just a database) and pull records about failed workflow runs.

Cool, but not easy to rerun a specific task as in the easymorph server command the task can not be parameter or entered as text, it’s only a drop down list. At least I could try to dynamically generate the easymorph project that reruns the task I want based on the database of logs :slight_smile:

Hi Dmitry

I find the EasyMorph Server Command very handy.
The List tasks on EasyMorph Server Command do not show the failed tasks.
Where do I find that functionality?

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Hi Rykie,

The results of task runs are recorded in the Server journal. The journal is a database. By default it’s located as explained here: Where is the embedded journal DB?

Currently, there is no dedicated action or command to retrieve journal records. However, since the journal is just s simple SQLite database, it is possible to configure an ODBC connector on the Server and extract information from the journal using EasyMorph actions for databases, e.g. “Import from database”.

The journal database table structure isn’t documented yet, but it’s a single table and the column names are descriptive so it’s relatively easy to understand what is stored in what column in the database table.

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Thanks, Dmitry