Moving tasks between spaces

Hi Dmitry,

Is it possible to move tasks between different spaces on the EasyMorph server?
I have created spaces for our development environment and a spaces for our production environment.
It would be nice that if we set projects into production that we could migrate the tasks from one space to another space on the server.

Kind regards !

Yes, it’s possible.

Every task has an ID. You can see this ID in the URL when you edit task properties.

In the system folder there is an XML file with the same name (see screenshot below). This is the task. You can move this file to the folder of another space.


:warning: Important – don’t copy(!) task files, only move. Because task IDs must be unique even if they are in different spaces. Also, tasks should only be moved when the Server is stopped.

Hi Dmitry,

Any plans to create the functionality for copying tasks between spaces or even other EasyMorph server instances so that we can easily create the tasks in test and production environments ?
As I understand it, we have to recreate the task in every environment.


Hi Nikolaas,

are your test and production environments of EasyMorph Server on different servers?


Curently, we use the same server voor dev, test ,production but our spaces are prefixed with dev_space_XXXX, test_space_XXXX, prod_space_XXXX.


Hi Dmitry,

If I am well informed, when V5.0 arrives, it would be possible to copy tasks between spaces ?
Could the ems-cmd be extended so that we can define tasks via een script. We could then recreate all tasks defined in the script on our development, test and production instance.

That would be really practical.

If not, is there a workaround that we can program to make this possible ?

Thanks !

Hi Dmitry,

We have to change a lot of our EasyMorph files which will impact the tasks on our server.
We would like to create a separate space and copy all our tasks to that space so that we can test the modified flows.

Can we do this as follows without breaking our server and other spaces:

  • Copy the task XML-files to our local pc.
  • Modify the filename with another global unique identifier.
  • Copy the files back to our test space on EM-server.
  • After testing, delete the test space.

Could this work ?


The following may work:

  • Clone the space folder and all files in it
  • Rename all .XML files in the cloned folder to unique names AND change the GUIDs in the XML files accordingly
  • Restart Server

As a result, a cloned copy of space will be created.