How to get schedule from server

Is there a way to list of the active jobs and its schedules and probably its parameters from easyMorph server space? I would like to have automated export of the current active jobs schedules and parameters.

Server task settings are stored as XML files, one file per task. You can scan the XML files and extract the necessary information from them using the “Import XML” action.

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I can’t seem to find any xml file from easyMorph. Where exactly these XML files are stored?

By default, they are located in C:\ProgramData\EasyMorph Server\Spaces.

Unfortunately we don’t have any access to that folder in easyMorph server.

Late to the party, I was able to get this info using edge developer tools. From the tasks page press F12 reload the page and then copy the object out:

I pasted into VS Code and saved as a JSON file. Not sure how to authenticate in EM to fully automate the process.

I made an EasyMorph for outputing to a nice Excel the main features of each Task on the server in case anyone needs something like this. You can just adjust the initial file path where easymorph server stores the files and it “Should work”.

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EasyMorphTaskSchedules.morph (26.3 KB)