Migration of EM-server to other other EM-instances

Hi Dmitry,

We are examining the setup of different EM-servers for dev, acc, test, prod.
How can we copy our settings from one EM-server instance to other instances ?
Can we also copy the tasks in some way ?

Thanks !

You can copy tasks to another server. See your question here: Moving tasks between spaces

Ok sorry for having asked this question a second time. On the other hand I would like to know If there are options to have all configuration copied tot another EM-server instance (for example that spaces can be recreated on the other server instance) including all tasks?

Maybe a backup feature would be nice in the GUI so that we can make a sort of dump file that can be imported in the other EM-server instance to create an exact replica?

Currently, there are no standard means to copy all configuration from one EM Server to another EM Server. Although, since all the data is just files and folders in C:\ProgramData\EasyMorph Server\Spaces, you can create a task that would automatically copy necessary space files/folders from one Server to another Server.