Link parameter to query

Big feature here : parameter values would be fed by a query. Where you see the paste button today to put values, there would also be a button “query”. It would open the query editor.

I think there would be 3 main restrictions for parameters:

  1. You only select one field
  2. You cant use the same parameter in the query or it would be infinite loop
  3. You would have to restrict to 1000 first rows as parameters can’t have more today

It’s not necessary that those queries run automatically. On each parameter on the left pane you could have a refresh button when there’s a query attached to it. The user has to refresh to run query and see values.You can still keep the last queried values in the xml of the project (but it can be 1000 by parameter)


As we envision it at this point, this probably will be done via specifying a module output for a list of parameter values, not a query. A module would be a more versatile solution because it can include a query, or a text file, or something else.


Yes, why not