License Expired, Renewed, now a job is failing

I am very new to EM. Our server license expired. I was able to renew the next day. One of my jobs that receives data from a FormStack query is no longer getting that data. Does this sound familiar to anyone? It says the JSON path does not exist.

Hi Ernest and welcome to the Community!

The problem is not related to Server licensing. It indicates that your workflow doesn’t receive a JSON in the expected format from the FormStack query. There can be multiple reasons for this:

  • The FormStack API has changed.
  • The request returns a JSON in another format because of an error in request settings (e.g. wrong API key)
  • The request returns a correct, but slightly different JSON that isn’t handled correctly by the current workflow, so the workflow needs to be adjusted to handle it.

In order to resolve the issue you need to have a basic understanding of:

  1. Using EasyMorph. See here our tutorial: EasyMorph Tutorial
  2. Web requests. See this article: Making your data better with web APIs
  3. The JSON format
  4. The FormStack API for the endpoint that is called in the workflow

Thank you for your quick response. It was the FormStack API that had changed. I was able to create a new one and apply it properly.