JSON Date conversion


I am working with a JSON file, and I have a timestamp in milliseconds (e.g. 1605034099143657).

I was wondering was there any way to convert this to a readable date? (e.g. yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss)

I have tried to use the convert data type action, but it doesn't seem to work.


That looks like a Unix timestamp. Use FromUnixTime().

I still seem to be getting an error when I use FromUnixTime().

Error: #Inappropriate argument for FromUnixTime(number)

Make sure what you're converting is numbers, not text that looks like numbers. Read the help article on the function to understand what input type is requried.

I was able to find the answer here: Fromunixtime function working? - General Q&A - EasyMorph Community - Data preparation professionals and enthusiasts

Apparently I have a 16 digit number and it needs to be 10 digits. This was able to get me to the date number I needed.

Thanks Dmitry!

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